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HSE Records System

This online system allows you to fill in health and safety records for your own use, including risk assessments. You can revisit this site at any point in the future, and produce updated versions of your documents.

To do this, you need to register on this site with a user name and password of your choice. If you're already registered on our web communities or online consultation systems, you can login with the same account if you wish, or create a new account below.

If you provide an (optional) email address, you'll receive useful reminders to review and update your documents.

The information you provide will be kept confidential. It won't be passed to HSE or local authority inspectors.

Basic User Details

Basic User Details

Used when logging into the site. It can only include letters, numbers and any of these characters: . @ - _ ' /
Your new password must be between 5 and 16 characters and will be case sensitive.
Please type the same password again.
Enter a phrase that can be used to remind you of your password if you forget it. This must not contain your password, and it should not be obvious to anyone else what your password is from this phrase.
Email Address (optional)

Email Address (optional)

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